Trademark Bullying and the Kardashians

by on December 8, 2016 in Intellectual Property, Publicity, Trademark

Rob Garson writes in the Observer here on an issue which touches on a great deal of that which we do here at GS2Law, namely establishing or protecting trademark rights. In this instance an argument is brewing between team Kardashian and their soon-to-be sister-in-law Blac Chyna. Robert questions whether  multiple parties can claim exclusive rights to a […]

Gs2Law on Yahoo Finance TV

by on February 13, 2016 in GS2LAW, Intellectual Property, Press, Trademark

Rob Garson of GS2Law was interviewed on Yahoo Finance TV with regards to explosive growth of Lehman Brothers Whisky, which GS2Law has successfully represented over the past two years. The interview can be seen here.

GS2Law & Lehman Brothers hit front page of the Journal

by on February 9, 2016 in GS2LAW, Intellectual Property, Press, Trademark

  In a first for GS2Law, the battle between Lehman Brothers Whisky and Barclays Capital has hit the front pages of the Wall Street Journal in the US and Europe. Margot Patrick penned a magnificent article charting the rise of Lehman Brothers Whisky, much to the chagrin (and distinct lack of sense of humor) of Barclays Capital. […]

GS2Law in New York Post in Hasidic Fashion Dispute

by on December 24, 2015 in GS2LAW

Michael Steinmetz of GS2Law was selected to represent the Defense in one of the most prominent fashion lawsuits in the Hasidic community. The New York Post in its article quoted court filings of receta viagra natural Michael Steinmetz that the lawsuit is an “ambush” of a legitimate business.   The case continues.

GS2Law in Law360 over Lehman Brothers Trademark

by on December 12, 2014 in GS2LAW, Publicity, Trademark

In a Law360 article entitled “Barclays Fighting To Hold On To ‘Lehman Brothers’ Trademark”, Bill Donahue writes: “Barclays PLC has largely discarded the “Lehman Brothers” brand since it acquired much of the bankrupt investment firm during the 2008 financial crisis, but court records show that it’s now fighting at the trademark office to prove that it […]

Branding a Name

by on March 2, 2012 in GS2LAW

When you think of New York City icons, who pops to mind? Donald Trump. Fran Lebowitz. Jerry Seinfeld. Woody Allen. A whole list of creative, business and media stars are associated with the city. New York being the legal capital of the world, you can bet that all of these celebrities are heavily invested in […]