Whistleblower Law

As a market-leading law firm, GS2Law has unparalleled experience in representing corporate whistleblowers wishing to provide information to the various offices of the whistleblower and remain anonymous.

Our whistleblower partners have made it their business to work with our clients to help in the clean-up of Wall Street. Trust, confidentiality and success are our guiding principles throughout the entire process and till the payment of the monetary awards.

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Partners at GS2Law have already delivered the largest CFTC award to date -above $1O million, more than 30 times the next largest award. All of our whistleblower partners have developed close relationships with the various offices of whistleblower (CFTC, SEC, IRS). Since 2012, we have submitted numerous whistleblower tips, leading to half a billion dollars retrieved by the federal government.

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