GS2Law & Lehman Brothers hit front page of the Journal

February 9, 2016 News

In a first for GS2Law, the battle between Lehman Brothers Whisky and Barclays Capital has hit the front pages of the Wall Street Journal in the US and Europe.

Margot Patrick penned a magnificent article charting the rise of Lehman Brothers Whisky, much to the chagrin (and distinct lack of sense of humor) of Barclays Capital. The article cites the GSs2Law filings in TTAB in which Robert Garson wrote “Lehman Brothers is evocative of impending doom arising out of imminent failure.” Using it for alcohol “merely conjures up images associated with the term … no one is going to think the products are actually being made by Lehman Brothers.” Probably the most docile thing Robert has been reported as saying about this matter, unlike the Law 360 article or the article in the New York Observer .