GS2Law’s vibrant Art Law Practice offers a variety of tools to support various members of the art community from the artist all the way to the buyer. GS2Law meets our clients wherever they are to provide practical guidance that addresses their specific needs, whether a consignment arrangement, license agreement, or title dispute. GS2Law’s Art Law Practice benefits from our lawyers’ individual expertise in diverse areas of law. These lawyers contribute unique strengths in areas such as intellectual property law, alternative dispute resolution, corporate law, data privacy, and property law to assist our clients’ creative endeavors.


Our team draws from a long history of litigation and transactional experience across numerous sectors, including film, performance, and photography, to give our art-related clients a rich source of innovative contract solutions. GS2Law’s lawyers are fully equipped to protect and enforce our clients’ licensing deals, sales or purchases, consignments, loan agreements and more. We also provide our clients, at their option, a selection of templates to form the basis of their business arrangements.


We regularly assist our clients’ various business ventures into the art market. Our team regularly works with entrepreneurial clients to prepare private placement memoranda, joint venture agreements, and corporate agreements to finance movie deals, or the latest gallery technology or interactive artwork.

Enforcement / Disputes

Our intellectual property lawyers, commercial litigators, and versed arbitration practitioners join forces to vigorously protect our clients’ works and interests, and assist them to navigate a wide range of art-related disputes. The GS2Law team draws from its experience representing different perspectives, such as, the legal interests of an auction house or a family seeking restitution of their stolen artwork.

For artists, GS2Law frequently works to obtain copyright registrations on their behalf, send demand letters, or commence a strategic lawsuit to reach each clients’ individual needs.


GS2Law serves clients across the globe and provides a wide range of measures for clients to comply with applicable laws and regulations. Whether a client requires legal advice on import and export rules, sales tax compliance, or insurance, GS2Law is prepared to assist.