GS2Law is at the forefront of financial whistleblowing cases. Since 2012, as a result of the tips, referrals and complaints, our clients have generated over $1 billion in fines and penalties levied against financial institutions. Our firm is considered one of the most successful firms in the United States under the SEC and CFTC whistleblower programs.

We guide our financial whistleblower clients end-to-end through the entire whistleblowing process: from filing the initial TCR to successful recovery of whistleblower awards. This process, beginning with thorough research, allows us to work with the client in order to craft a submission to the appropriate federal authority.  This primary stage is of pivotal importance, as the submission must (in order to maximize a future monetary award) properly identify the harms to the marketplace and, sometimes, to individuals in an intelligible and credible manner, along with being placed into the context of the relevant laws and regulations. As a result, when GS2Law claims are submitted to the SEC, CFTC or IRS, we find that they are well received as they emanate from a firm with a proven track record. 

Moreover, GS2Law maintains the anonymity of our whistleblower clients, some of whom are still deeply embedded in the industries that are the target of the investigations – such as companies that are governed or regulated by a federal agency such as the SEC or the CFTC. 

The GS2Law team has a depth of knowledge in the full calendar of matters that can be brought to the attention of the regulatory authorities including market manipulation, front-running, unregistered securities offerings, spoofing, fraudulent investment schemes (such as a Ponzi scheme or the promise of high-yield returns), insider trading, failure to file with the SEC, false or misleading statements, bribery of, or improper payments to, foreign officials (i.e., the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act or “FCPA”), initial coin offerings and cryptocurrencies, algorithmic/high-frequency trading, market maker activities, quote skewing and after hours trading.