GS2Law Assists CFTC in Reaching $110m in Whistleblower Payouts

June 9, 2020 Robert Garson

The CFTC announced today that a single anonymous whistleblower will receive more than $6 million from the Commodities and Futures Trading Commission taking the total awarded by the CFTC to over $110,000,000. Yet again, we are proud to announce that the whistleblower was represented by GS2Law.

Robert Garson of GS2Law has recovered more than half of the total CFTC whistleblower awards for its clients, arising out more than a billion dollars of civil monetary penalties, arising from GS2Law client tips, referrals, and complaints.

“To have assisted the CFTC Whistleblower program reach such a milestone demonstrates the quality and credibility of the information that our clients have brought to the attention of the authorities,” said Garson in a statement.

“Our client is yet another example of the power of the individual in stopping illegal practices and at the same time being rewarded for the bravery and tenacity in stepping forward while having anonymity guarded by the client’s attorneys.”

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