GS2Law comments in Newsweek Over MTA

May 12, 2015 News

There have been moves by the MTA to limit the content of advertisements that appear on its properties. In a Newsweek articleRob Garson of GS2Law commented that the MTA’s policy

“could sanitize satire within the commercial context. As long as you’re saying, ‘Go and buy this,’ that’s fine. But if you’re saying, ‘Our shoes aren’t large, therefore de Blasio might not like them,’ that could fall foul,” .. “We don’t want someone neutering speech. We shouldn’t have an offensiveness police.”

In praise of the home of GS2Law, Garson was also quoted as saying “Part of the beauty of the United States Constitution is that one has the right to say what you like, including the right to be offensive”

Words to live by in his book.