GS2Law Hits the Press in Toupee Defamation Case

December 21, 2017 News

One of the best aspects of being a litigator are the variegated fact patterns and stories we encounter that underpin the battle of rights. More fascinating can be how certain issues emerge and take primacy in a case. Regularly the press pick up on these and, while often overlooking the serious legal issues at stake, shine a light into the arena in which we fight.

The star of this case it seems is the hairpiece of a litigant, the owner of which has sued his son-in-law for defamation (and associated claims) for allegedly publishing a photograph of his arrest. While incorrect on where and how the toupee features in the case, the matter has certainly garnered press attention in local, national, and international press.

The New York Post article can be found here.

The Staten Island live article can be found here.

The Daily Mail article can be found here here.

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