GS2Law in Bedford and Bowery over TRO against the SLA

September 15, 2020 News

The famed site Bedford and Bowery reported on GS2Law obtaining an order temporarily vacating the State Liquor Authority’s order of summary suspension of Cloister Café’s license. The Article which can be read here delves into the video evidence and repeats Robert Garson’s call for Governor Cuomo to review the SLA’s practices as “there are too many restaurateurs who, because of circumstance, have been denied the opportunity to work. And all of their work and all of the people that they employ need to be given just a little bit more slack.” 

Gs2Law has taken up the fight on behalf of restauranteurs and bar owners to ensure that their constitutional rights are protected and their licenses are not revoked without adequate due process.

If your liquor license has been suspended email Robert Garson or call 212-380-3623.