GS2Law Wins Again in Restrictive Covenants Case

February 28, 2017 News

GS2Law has been representing California residents who worked for years for the job order contracting giant Gordian Group in the Southern District of New York. (Gordian Group, et al. v. Hollett, et al.) When the individuals left Gordian’s employ, Gordian sued them for breach of contract in New York, alleging that New York law governed their relationship with the company. We asserted that instead California law applied and that the restrictive covenants Gordian relied on were unenforceable under California law.

On Friday, February 25, 2017, Judge Marrero conclusively ruled, adopting our submissions,  that California law governs the case, opening up invalidation of the agreements as the next step. GS2Law had previously defeated Gordian’s motion for injunctive relief, a motion that, if successful, would have deprived GS2Law’s clients of their livelihood.