Page Six Reports on the Cloister Café Case

August 17, 2020 News

Cloister Café’s license was suspended in circumstances that do not comport with procedural dues process as alleged in the lawsuit brought by GS2Law against the New York State Liquor Authority. Page Six’s article quotes Robert Garson “The liquor authority are acting like … they’ve imposed a form of [martial law] that they’re not adhering to proper investigation” which is at the very core of the case. 

Cloister Café are also seeking a temporary restraining order to allow the restaurant to reopen and the staff to be able to go back to work. The case is The Cloister East, Inc. et al. v. The New York State Liquor Authority et al. Civil Action No. 1:20-cv-6545.

If your liquor license has been suspended email Robert Garson or call 212-380-3623.