Lane Published on AIA in Lexis UK

September 30, 2015 News

John Lane, the leading Lexis UK contributing author on intellectual property and information technology, published a 2 part article on The America Invents Act spanning issues such as:

  • Background to the America Invents Act
  • The AIA in comparison to European practice
  • Post Grant Review and Inter Partes Review (IPR)
  • ‘First to file’ or ‘First inventor to file’ principle, and prior art
  • Prior use
  • Provisional applications, priority, and grace periods
  • Post Grant Review (PGR)
  • Patent 

Office fees

  • IPR and PGR Standard of Claim Interpretation
  • Estoppel under PGR/IPR
  • Stay of litigation pending PGR/IPR
  • The covered business method (CBM) procedure (transitional program for CBMs)
  • The effects of Alice Corp Pty v CLS Bank Intern, 134 S. Ct. 2347, 573 US __, 189 L. Ed. 2d 296 (2014).
  • The meaning of a CBM patent contrasted with a ‘technological invention’
  • Expansion of the prior user defense
  • Elimination of the best mode defense
  • Limitation of wilful infringement claims

John Lane specializes in complex intellectual property litigation and his practice is focused both in the U.S. and on an international scale.